Female Bodybuilder FBB Pro Alina Popa training and flexing her huge biceps

Alina Popa is training biceps in the gym with her friend Rahel Ruch. The biceps are bigger than life! Our (not so smart) camera guy made some remarks that sh…

24 thoughts on “Female Bodybuilder FBB Pro Alina Popa training and flexing her huge biceps

  1. The cameraman’s obviously a guy with no class, no tact, and in all
    probability, no intact bones as of a couple of minutes after this was shot
    :] Alina, on the other hand, is a muscle lover’s dream come true..

  2. As a professional photographer may I advise your camerman that his job is
    to observe through the lens – NOT to participate. Especially NOT to insult
    your subject.

  3. lol…the weird thing is, that the girls still love working with him! this
    guy has some dark powers that makes sure he survives shoots like this
    without too much injuries and hospital visits.

  4. @mlcred1111 Insult? he’s just joking around. By participating he made this
    clip different to all the other clips on youtube.

  5. Insult comedy, ala Don Rickles is still an insult. The fact that both Alina
    and Rachel are smiling along with him in his comments makes it joking. But
    “It’s a girl, not some crazy monster; a girly-girl… in PINK” is still an

  6. He’s just having fun. You all need to relax. Obviously she’s not offended
    by what he said. It’s called sarcasm folks.

  7. The cameraman actually makes the video better. Big muscles + silly
    commentary > big muscles + boring cameraman talk. Either way big muscles
    makes up the majority of the equation, so I’ll watch either.

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