Johnnie O. Jackson Talks with Young Athletes

Johnnie O. Jackson takes time to motivate, inspire, and educate young athletes at a football camp at Liberty Christian School in Argyle, Texas. www.musculard…

25 thoughts on “Johnnie O. Jackson Talks with Young Athletes

  1. but we cant forget genetics, many peoples suffer from having tiny ass
    calves, but normally if you are tall, he isn’t tall tho?

  2. i respect him for talking with kids. but i dont like him as a bodybuilder.
    very small legs for them traps and arms.

  3. What does that mean he acts really “white” for a brotha..just because he
    uses standard english. This is a bodybuilding channel not the al sharpton
    rejects channel…please leave us alone and take your racist rant somewhere doesn’t belong here. Bodybuilding is color blind as you should be

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  9. Some of you fucking idiotic morons on here calling johnnie Jackson small
    and short lol yet his left arm is probably bigger than the most of you
    arsewipes, like to see vids if some of people on here who say johnnie looks
    like shit, and il bet they turn out to be fat doughnut eating mullet haired
    spotty cunts lol

  10. ‘Next Johnnie Jackson’, come on man, they aim to be the next
    Schwarzenegger, Cutler, Coleman etc…

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